We are an interior design boutique delivering exquisite design and build services in interior design. Established with a passion and commitment to develop exhilarating designs, we also differentiate ourselves with a focus on fine detailing work


Before appointing or entrusting a Consultant to carry our any work to your property, you would like to know that you are engaging someone who truly understands your needs and the issues relating to your project.


Guided by the fundamental design principles of balance, unity, harmony and rhythm, our design philosophy is based on these four principles to create a unique blend of exclusive and personalise design.


03 Sep 2014

Tips to design a Kid's Room Bedroom

A Kid's room is meant to be for that special little one! So how do we go about designing a kid's room to make the new kid on the block feels happy and exc ...

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05 Aug 2014

Upcoming New Trends Residential

With so many design styles ranging from modern to rustic and rustic to classical, there is no doubt a growing new trend in all of these designs.  Here, we sh ...

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10 Jul 2014

Kitchen Design Fashion Kitchen

Brighter Palette concept

Let the light in and brighten up the kitchen. 

Today's trend for a lighter palette color kitchen setting as whitish colo ...

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